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Technology Resources in the Classroom
Written by Josh Satterfield on June 8th 2019
Technology in education is engaging and empowering for the students in this generation. I feel that it’s essential for the classroom, especially if the goal is to educate and prepare students for an ever-changing global society. In order to succeed in today’s technological world, you must be fluent in the use of technology. There are huge benefits to having mobile technological devices in each classroom. For instance, it gives students the chance to interact with their classmates more by encouraging collaboration. In addition, technology also helps with behaviors issues. If students are using new technology to learn, they are more likely to be engaged in the curriculum. With mobile technology in the classroom, the teacher becomes the encourager and the instruction truly becomes ‘student-centered.’ Lastly, technology allows the student to take more control of their learning and make decisions for themselves.
Several tools to enhance the use of technology in your district are Google Documents and Google Classroom. Another effective source is ShowMe, which allows educators to create video presentations and share them online. In my current position, I create and share daily instructional videos to help students retain the math skills taught that day. Over the past couple of years of creating these videos, I have analyzed trends of continuous improvement from class to class. I found that it is proven to help, not only students but the parents as well.
By utilizing technology in my classroom, I have obtained skills that have helped me better manage my classroom, such as website design, organized reports, detailed behavior assessments, and more. These skills have been great assets in the classroom, making teaching easier for me, making parents more involved with their child’s classwork, and more importantly allowing the students to use as many forms of learning to be able to master specific content areas.

Here are some great links to you may want to look into for your classroom:
Khan Academy

About Author: Josh Satterfield

Josh Satterfield is the founder of the Teacher's Playbook. In addition to being your Math Workshop coach, Josh is currently a 5th-grade teacher and high school boys’ basketball coach in Southeastern Michigan. Josh was born into an entrepreneurial family, and quickly gained a love for continual growth and success. His family always pushed me to dream big and work towards my goals, so that’s what I’ve tried to do throughout my life.
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