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Daily Formative Assessment
Written by Josh Satterfield on Oct. 16th 2018
As a teacher, it's crucial to create and gather daily formative assessment data that is manageable and meaningful. However, it seems we often lean towards paper and pencil exit slips that use up a lot of paper and fill up our evenings with grading papers.
Instead, check out something I've discovered called, Plickers. Plickers provide the teacher with instantaneous feedback, which drives future instruction. In recent years, I've used the fancy electronic clickers, but those were cumbersome and not user-friendly. Plickers are a simple tool that teacher can rely on to be a big hit with kids and their colleagues.

Other Formative Assessment Options that increase student engagement: 

About Author: Josh Satterfield

Josh Satterfield is the founder of the Teacher's Playbook. In addition to being your Math Workshop coach, Josh is currently a 5th-grade teacher and high school boys’ basketball coach in Southeastern Michigan. Josh was born into an entrepreneurial family, and quickly gained a love for continual growth and success. His family always pushed me to dream big and work towards my goals, so that’s what I’ve tried to do throughout my life.
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